Hypnosis (QHHT)

Dr. Jaime is a Level One practitioner of QHHT.  It is a hypnosis technique that has multiple uses.  Its overall goal is to help you find health, vibrancy, and self empowerment.  It does this by guiding you to relax into your deeper brain waves and from there creating change in your life.  You remain in control the whole time; Dr. Jaime is just guiding through the session to help you achieve your goals.

- Each session will take around 4 hours and is recorded.

- During your session we will be talking to your subconscious.  Some believe that the subconscious has access to all the information in the world.  As a result you are encouraged to bring a written list of questions to your session.  The questions can be about anything you have ever wondered about (personal, spiritual, professional, dreams, life purpose).

- Please bring a memory stick with you so you can take home a copy to listen to.  Even thought most people remember the session, the healing aspects of this technique are intensified by listening to the recording.  Each time you listen, you will get a deeper understanding and insights.

Contact Info:

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