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Acupuncture-Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)            

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is amazing and has been around for over 3,500 years.  It is not just acupuncture, it also includes massage (tui na), exercise (taiqi, qigong), dietary therapy, and herbal medicine.

It is a medicine that uses metaphors to explain how it works and is mainly concerned with identifying which functions (digestion, sleep, excretion, thinking, emotions, breathing, temperature regulation, or sweating) are free flowing and which are blocked.  As the practitioner, it is then my job to unblock the energy so that your body energy flows freely and gracefully.

Health is perceived as a harmonious flow of qi (bodily energy) through the body; and thus a harmonious interaction of all bodily functions. 

If you have health insurance that offers acupuncture coverage and would like to come in for an appointment, please call your insurance provider and ask if they accept out of network providers.

If you are having a hard time finding a practitioner that takes your insurance, often if you go to your insurance's website there is a "find a practitioner" option.  If there are no practitioners in your area, try calling and asking if they will cover an out of network provider since they do not have a better option.  Who knows, it might work.  Make sure you get the agreement in writing if they agree, that way the insurance company can not forget that they had that conversation with you. 


If there is anything i can do to help, please feel free to call/ text me.

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