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Kombucha Recipe

1/2 gallon jar with loose lid or cloth and rubber band to cover mouth of jar

enough water to fill jar

2/3 cup sugar

3 black tea bags


long handled spoon (optional)

DO NOT USE HONEY, Green Tea is not recommended


- boil water

- while it is boiling, put sugar and tea bags in jar

- add boiling water to jar

- stir water to make sure sugar dissolves

- cover jar so insects can not get to brewing tea and leave it to cool

- once cool remove tea bags, add SCOBY, recover mouth of jar (want air to get in to jar)

- put jar in warm, dark place for 7 - 10 days

- liquid will change from dark tea to amber and will smell slightly like apple cider vinegar

- SCOBY will have thickened, it has created a "baby" that you decide when to separate from the mother and start another jar of kombucha, give to a friend, throw away, make jewelry out of it, or make into candy



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